Friday, April 12, 2019

#UNYSLA Spring Conference: Project Management Basics

Jill Wilson (ChaseDesign LLC) and Erin Rowley (University at Buffalo) presented on "Project Management Basics."

They reminded us that project management is not a hope.  It is also not an ongoing initiative.  Projects do have beginnings and ends.

The project manager controls and manages all aspects of any project.  The project manager has one job.

Main components of project management are:
  • Scope and charter: what is and is not. Be aware of scope creep.  The charter should help you keep things in bounds.
  • Time and task: estimating and tracking the time it takes to do all the things in order to complete the project.  What is the critical path?
  • Cost and procurement
  • Human resources 
  • Quality control and risk: risk assessment matrix
  • Stakeholders and communication: potential influence vs. potential interest.  How do people want to be updated?
They noted that it all overlaps!  In addition, not all components will be part of every project.

Then Jill and Erin noted one more thing: You need to close your projects.  Take the time to reflect, learn, and document.  Make it a formal closure. They suggested scheduling the closure meeting when you schedule the kick-off meeting.

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