Friday, April 12, 2019

#UNYSLA Spring Conference: Developing a Service Model

Kelly Johnson, Amelia Kallaher, and Sara Scinto-Madonich (all from Cornell University Libraries), used their experience with developing a systematic review service to discuss project management.  They do methodical and comprehensive literature synthesis. In creating their service, they met roadblocks along the way.

Road block 1: How to standardize our process? (Process standardization)
  • Identify problems and brainstorm solutions
  • Make sure the problems are clear
  • Establish workflows and designate responsibility 
  • There should be a coherent workflow
  • Embrace iteration
Road block 2: How to better manage our time? (Time management)
  • Create helpful resources
  • Get information into the hands of people when they need it 
  • They built tools into their libguide.  They put in the libguide information that they had normally covered face-to-face.
Road block 3: How to address misconceptions? (Patron Expectations)
  • They found that they needed to standup for themselves
  • Expectations and boundaries clearly defined
Road block 4: How to ask for and get help? (Getting help)
  • What happens when you’re spread too thin?
  • You need to advocate
  • Recruit additional help

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