Tuesday, May 08, 2018

It takes a team

July 15 2006 NY Yankees gameOrganizations value people who can work independently and work in teams. We know that there are some people who do one style of work better than the other. But the reality is that even those individual performers depend on others. Look closely at someone who seems to live completely independently from others and likely you’ll find that there is a support network in the background. Sadly, sometimes that network is never acknowledged publicly.  However, take away the network and the person will fail; sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly.

Last week, it took an ad hoc network of people to connect me with my cell phone, which I had misplaced on the way to the airport.  That nerve-racking experience was my reminder that I am not in this world alone and that I am deeply dependent on others.

No matter your reason for reading this blog, take a moment and remember those people around you - coworkers wherever they may be located, vendors, family, friends, the person who makes your coffee, etc. - who help you to do the work that you do.  When you get a chance, let them know that you recognize their assistance and give them a word of thanks. Who knows, that positive action could come back to you when you need it.

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