Monday, March 05, 2018

Book: Preserving Digital Materials

Book cover
This week, I'm going to highlight four books from Rowman & Littlefield, an exhibitor at the ALISE 2018 conference.  First up...

This month (March 2018), the third edition of the book Preserving Digital Materials by Dr. Ross Harvey  (RMIT University) and Jaye Weatherburn (University of Melbourne) will be released.  According to the publisher:
This is a concise handbook and reference for a wide range of stakeholders who need to understand how preservation works in the digital world. It notes the increasing importance of the role of new stakeholders and the general public in digital preservation. It can be used as both a textbook for teaching digital preservation and as a guide for the many stakeholders who engage in digital preservation. Its synthesis of current information, research, and perspectives about digital preservation from a wide range of sources across many areas of practice makes it of interest to all who are concerned with digital preservation. It will be of use to preservation administrators and managers, who want a professional reference text, information professionals, who wish to reflect on the issues that digital preservation raises in their professional practice, and students in the field of digital preservation.
This book is available in both hard and soft covers, as well as in an ebook edition.

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