Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Podcast: The Future of Digital First Sale

Star Trek - Enterprise D TransporterIn January, Christopher Kenneally moderated a discussion between Richard Mandel, Jonathan Band, and James Grimmelmann on the future of digital first sale with the court case Capitol Records v. ReDigi providing context for the conversation.  The result is a 38-minute podcast episode of Beyond the Book, which begins with an in-depth look at the ReDigi case and why it matters, then moves to thinking about "digital first sale" and "digital fair use" (especially in relation to libraries), and finally ends with Grimmelmann evoking analogies from Star Trek as a way of thinking about the future of this problem.  This is worth listening to because it may likely present the problem in a way you had not yet considered.  (And don't you want to know what Star Trek has to do with this??)

The episode is available on the Beyond the Book web site and through your favorite podcast listening platform.

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