Thursday, April 30, 2015

LARC: Tech for Teens: After School Program Apps for Teens and Tween Librarians

Claire Moore from Darien (CT) Public Library 

They infused technology into their new building, for example in the children's area:
  • Mounted iPads
  • Early literacy iPads
  • iPad storytime integration including Spanish language storytime
In addition they circulate iPads.

Creation in the library for children and caregivers:
  • STEM
  • Art series
  • Book groups 
Collaboration with MoMA (Museum of Modern Art):
  • Museum passes
  • Art tablets for adults 
  • Artist space - artist in residence
  • Special programs
  • Art eBooks
Can they fuse Art and technology together to allow children to express themselves creatively?

What is creativity? The ability to make things or think of new ideas.

30 circle test - measures fluency and flexibility

"Three Creativity Challenges from IDEO’s Leaders", Http://

The creativity crisis: (Newsweek, July 2010)
  • Creativity scores had been rising until 1990.
  • CQ scores for kids in serious decline 
  • Creativity is not prompted in schools
  • When kids get overloaded creativity suffers

Another creativity test is the Alternative Uses Test.

Can technology foster creativity?

ALA, 2011-2012, 62% of users say they library is their primary place for accessing computers and the Internet.

Defining 21st century skills, info graph,

"Family time with apps - a guide to using apps with your child" - Joan Ganz Cooney Center,

Goals at Darien for using technology with their community:
  • Expose
  • Educate
  • Engage
They do a 21 things program every year online for parents.

[Because of the drive to get back to Syracuse, I left this session early.  I wish I could have stayed.  Good stuff!]

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