Monday, June 02, 2014

Documentary: The Internet is Closing Down (15 minutes)

Created by Radu Tancău and Alex Lungu in Romania, the web site says:
The Internet Is Closing Down (Internetul se închide) is a 15 minute documentary, and the first Romanian project that tackles the intricate relationship between file-sharing and intellectual property. It features some relevant answers from activists in Romania, as well as notes from several other US based activists like Lawrence Lessig, Brad Burham, Clay Shirky and others.
There is a lot in this and I can imagine using it in a class to start a conversation or debate on copying and copyright.  That conversation could not only be about the ideas in the video, but also about the video itself.  Are the clips and images in it used legally? Does this quality as criticism or commentary, for example?  And is copyright law correctly portrayed?

Note that the video has English subtitles, when audio is not in English.

The Internet is Closing Down from Alex Lungu on Vimeo.

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