Tuesday, March 18, 2014

#CILDC : Speaker Spotlghts (interviews)

Computers in Libraries Conference 2014
Information Today has interviewed a few of the speakers that will be at this year's Computers in Libraries Conference, including me! You can read them here.  Each person was asked the same questions and it is amazing to me that our answers overlap. I hope you'll go and read the interviews. To wet your appetite, here are three quotes for you to mull over:
Brian Pichman - "I think the skill shift will be huge as libraries move forward into the future. Librarians should be risk-takers, take a crack at something and see where it goes...Less thinking (and re-thinking) about doing a project and start actually doing it."

M.J. D'Elia - First and foremost we need to recognize that libraries are not solely information providers or information advisors - we are problem solvers. In an increasingly complex world, we need libraries to troubleshoot, innovate and offer viable solutions to the information challenges facing our communities...we need to be responsive listeners...We need to be translators, connecting different worlds that need to be talking to each other."

Come here me speak at CIL 2014
Jill Hurst-Wahl -"I think libraries will need staff that understand rapid prototyping, community organizing, user needs assessment, outcomes assessment, collaboration skills, information design, information organization, data-driven decision-making, and more."

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