Thursday, August 02, 2012

ARL Publication: Special Collections and Archives in the Digital Age

Good news from ARL (via their press release). [Updated 12:32 p.m. ET to correct the URLs.]

Washington, DC-The Association of Research Libraries (ARL) has released a pre-publication version of Research Library Issues (RLI) no. 279, which is devoted to legal concerns and evolving professional practices around digitizing special collections and archival materials.

ARL member libraries have embraced digitization-performed in-house or through commercial vendors-as a critical strategy to increase access to their unique collections. This issue of RLI includes a model digitization contract for use with outside vendors, as well as model "deeds of gift" that can secure permission from rights holders to make donated material accessible on the web. Finally, the issue presents a critical essay by Kevin L. Smith, Director of Scholarly Communications at Duke University, on a new way of thinking about copyright and risk management in digitizing special collections.

The complete table of contents with links to the articles follows:
Digitization of Special Collections and Archives: Legal and Contractual Issues
Peter B. Hirtle, Anne R. Kenney, and Judy Ruttenberg
Model Deed of Gift
Model Deed of Gift, including Mixed IP Rights
Model Digitization Agreement
Copyright Risk Management: Principles and Strategies for Large-Scale Digitization Projects in Special Collections
Kevin L. Smith
The pre-publication version of Research Library Issues no. 279 (June 2012) is freely available from ARL Digital Publications.


Anonymous said...

All of these links seem to be coming through an exchange server, and don't work. You might want to update them to go directly to the web sites. (I was very interested to see their special collections and digitization publication, and will search on their site for the link)

Melissa McCarthy said...

The links are redirecting me to an Outlook Web App login page - is this my computer being wonky?