Saturday, February 25, 2012

The NMC Horizon Report > 2012 HiEd Edition

In case you haven't seen the announcement, the 2012 NMC New Horizon Report is available. The report covers six (6) technologies to watch and includes key trends. The Educause press release states:
The report identifies six technologies that are expected to enter mainstream use in learning-focused organizations. Each of the six is assigned to one of three adoption horizons: one year or less, two to three years, and four to five years. For 2012, electronic tablet computing and mobile apps are identified in the one-year horizon; learning analytics and game-based learning in the two- to three-year horizon; and gesture-based computing and the Internet of Things in the four- to five-year horizon.

By the way, one of the topics in the February CNI Conversations podcast, by Clifford Lynch, is the Horizon Report.  The podcast is 37 minutes in length. Lynch begins talking about the Horizon Project and NMC beginning around minute 3.

The 3-minute video below provides a quick introduction to the report. 

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