Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Event: Ophan Works Symposium, April12-13, 2012

Oh, this sounds interesting!

Orphan Works Symposium
"Ophan Works & Mass Digitization: Obstacles and Opportunities"
Claremont Hotel, Berkeley CA
April 12-13, 2012

Sponsored by the Berkeley Law Center.

Agenda Outline:
Session 1:  Who wants to make use of orphan works and why?

Session 2:  Who is concerned about broader access to orphans and why?
Session 3:  What is the best approach to addressing the orphan works problem?
Session 4:  What role should registries play in averting orphan work problems?  What mechanisms will facilitate information sharing about which works are public domain, orphan, or open access?
Session 5:  Who wants to do mass digitization and why?
Session 6:  Should data mining and other non-consumptive uses of in-copyright digital works be permissible, and why?

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