Wednesday, February 02, 2011

The Vatican's Apostolic Library

In January, the New Yorker magazine published an article entitled " GOD'S LIBRARIANS: Letter from Rome" (length abstract).  If you have a subscription to the New Yorker (online or hardcopy), you can view the entire article.  Given that most people can't see that article, here are linked to related content about the work that the Vatican did.  Note that digitization is not specifically discussed, but the work was done to increase access to the materials as well as keep the materials safe.

And then there is this, which does not seem to be a part of the Vatican Library, but it a digitization effort:
I do know that one of the Vatican's libraries did a digitization program in the 1990s and reportedly created hardcopy surrogates to place on the shelf.  So the Vatican is indeed using technology to preserve its past and ensure access into the future.

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