Tuesday, December 07, 2010

For New Yorkers: Report on the Meeting of the Regents Advisory Council on Libraries, Dec. 3

Wordle: Libraries: 2020 visionDue to my teaching schedule, I was unable to attend the Regents Advisory Council on Libraries meeting this past Friday in New York City (either in person or by phone).  Thankfully, Bridget Quinn-Carey, chair of the Council, provided some quick notes about what was discussed. 

The biggest topic on the agenda was discussion of the 2020 vision; a topic that was brainstormed at the NYLA conference in November (notes).  The Council "wants to gather more information and engage even more creative thinking (not just planning for where we are or should be today, but where we want and need to be in 2020); best practices vs. vision – need both, but want to be inspired." (Quinn-Carey)  The Council wants to engage in discussions with:
  • Library schools (faculty and students)
  • Foundations (e.g., Robin Hood Project, Gates)
  • Futurists
  • The public
  • Library systems
Because there is no funding for this effort, the Council recognizes that logistics will be challenging and thus will look for creative ways of gathering input.

If you have input on this topic - or ideas how the Council can gather input - please email your suggestions to NYSLRegComments@mail.nysed.gov

Other topics discussed included:
  • Commissioner Steiner's willingness to learn more about libraries. How can we (libraries) capitalize on this opportunity?
  • Attending the Cultural Education Committee meeting on Dec. 13 or 14 in Albany. Someone from the Council will report on the planning project.
  • Discussion of the report the Council will present in April 2011 to the Cultural Education Committee, which will be a continuation of the 2020 process.
  • Brief discussion of the Shubert Committee: Sara Kelly Johns to Chair with Louise Sherby and Mary Muller as committee members. 
  • An update on the State Library - both the Research Library and Library Development.
I know that I missed a very lively discussion.  I look forward to our next meeting, which should be a conference call in January.

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