Thursday, May 20, 2010

SimpleDL software

Received a demo this morning of new digital asset management software called "SimpleDL".  They are just engaging their first customers and starting to exhibit at library conferences.  The software seems easy to use and with good functionality.  Seeing a demo is not like "kicking the tires" (doing a real test), but it can given an indication if you really want to know more.  What I saw makes me think I'd be will to see/hear more.

I asked a lot of questions about what the software does, who they're working with, who they are, etc.  I did not ask about ongoing software support.  Since they are a startup, that is a question some organizations might see as a mitigating factor. 

Roy Tennant believes that you should always know how to get your content out of the software, and I was impressed that Steven and Jacob demoed that early on in the session.

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