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Call for papers: iPRES 2010

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7th­­ International Conference on
 Preservation of Digital Objects (IPRES 2010)
 September 19 -- 24, 2010
Vienna, Austria

The Austrian National Library and the Vienna University of Technology are pleased to host the International Conference on Preservation of Digital Objects (iPRES2010) in Vienna in September 2010. iPRES2010 will be the seventh in the series of annual international conferences that bring together researchers and practitioners from around the world to explore the latest trends, innovations, and practices in preserving our digital heritage.

Digital Preservation and Curation is evolving from a niche activity to an established practice and research field that involves various disciplines and communities. iPRES2010 will re-emphasise that preserving our scientific and cultural digital heritage requires integration of activities and research across institutional and disciplinary boundaries to adequately address the challenges in digital preservation. iPRES2010 will further strengthen the link between digital preservation research and practitioners in memory institutions and scientific data centres.


iPRES2010 will adopt a two-track scheme, focussing on research papers reporting on novel, previously unpublished work, as well as case studies and best practice reports. The conference programme will be designed to encourage interaction between these areas, rather than seeing them as separated fields. Furthermore, iPRES2010 will offer a set of tutorials on the Sunday preceding the conference, as well as focused workshops following the main conference.
Submissions are invited for full and short papers, demos/posters, panels, workshops, and tutorials. All contributions will be reviewed by members of the Programme Committee. More information, including instructions for submission, is available at the iPRES2010 homepage.

TOPICS (include but not limited to):

 - Theoretical, Formal and Conceptual Models of Information and Preservation
 - Trusted Repositories: Risk Analysis, Planning, Audit and Certification
 - Scalability and Automation
 - Metadata Issues for Preservation Processes
 - Business Models and Cost Estimation
 - Personal Archiving
 - Innovation in Digital Preservation: Novel Approaches and Scenarios
 - Training and Education
 - Domain-specific Challenges: Web, GIS, Primary/Scientific/Sensor Data,
   Governmental & Medical Records
 - Case Studies and Best Practice Reports: Systems, Workflows, Use Cases


Workshop Submission:                              March 18, 2010
Workshop Notification of Acceptance:              April 9, 2010
Paper/Tutorial/Panel Submission:                  May 5, 2010
Paper/Tutorial/Panel Notification of Acceptance:  June 18, 2010
Submission of final versions:                     July 11, 2010

Conference:                                       September 19-24, 2010


 - Andreas Rauber, VUT, Austria
 - Max Kaiser, ONB, Austria

 - Rebecca Guenther, Library of Congress, US
 - Panos Constantopoulos, Athens University of Economics and Business, Greece; Digital Curation Unit, Greece

 - Heike Neuroth, Göttingen State and University Library, Germany

 - Shigeo Sugimoto, University of Tsukuba, Japan

 - Perry Willett, California Digital Library, US
 - John Kunze, University of California, US

 - Priscilla Caplan, Florida Center for Library Automation, US
 - Joy Davidson, University of Glasgow, Scotland

 - Johann Stockinger, Austrian Computer Society, Austria

For further details please check regularly.

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