Sunday, September 13, 2009

Article: LOCKSS Chief Scientist Speaks at Library of Congress

Article from Library of Congress Digital Preservation Newsletter, Sept. 2009.

LOCKSS Chief Scientist Speaks at Library of Congress

David Rosenthal, Chief Scientist of the LOCKSS program, spoke recently at the Library of Congress on How Are We Ensuring the Longevity of Digital Documents? Rosenthal’s talk was a reprise of his widely-discussed plenary at the Spring 2009 Coalition for Networked Information Task Force meeting. His presentation was filmed and is available as a webcast.

Rosenthal began with a provocative question, musing on whether the current digital infrastructure constructed over the past 20 years had actually saved anything from oblivion. He said he found little evidence that it had, and framed his argument as a subtle rebuttal to Jeff Rothenberg’s 1995 Scientific American paper “Ensuring the Longevity of Digital Information.”

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