Monday, June 01, 2009

Extensis vs. Picasa

For those of you who are managing image archives such as those that might be created by a university's public affairs department, or design and printing services, here are two blog posts that may be of interest to you.

Rachel Reuben blogs about moving from Extensis Portfolio Server to Google's Picasa. Extensis did not provide the return on investment that they had been looking for. She received advice from Whitney Anderson, who was able to outline the pros and cons of Picasa. While Reuben has not yet fully tested Picasa with their content, she is already pleased with the results she is seeing.

At the end of her post, Reuben asks what image management software other groups are using. While I doubt that she is willing to switch to another platform, having that information would be helpful to others who are looking for alternatives.

Thanks to Josh Shear for pointing me toward Reuben's blog post.

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