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Having trouble getting your digital projects off the ground? Wish you had somewhere to turn for information and advice regarding digital project management? BCR’s Digital and Preservation Services unit has expanded its program to include training related to the full range of activities surrounding the management of digital collections. Take advantage of these newest training opportunities from BCR’s expert staff and guest trainers to learn new skills, grow with the changes in the field and increase your expertise.


May 15, Introduction to Mark up Languages (10-11 am or 2-3 pm MT)

Did you know that the term “markup” has actually been around for centuries? It is historically a publishing term, where early original manuscripts were “marked up” in preparation for printing. What does markup mean in this present technical age? Come decode the coding of markup languages like SGML, HTML, CSS, and XML. More importantly, learn about their impact on library and patron services. No “techie” experience required!


May 12, Analog-to-Digital Video Migration and All That Goes With It: Who does What, When, Where and How? BCR – Aurora, Colorado offices (9:00 am -4:00pm MT)

Whether you're the custodian of an enormous moving image library, a few shelves of videotapes or something in between, digitization is probably on your horizon if not already on your plate. Technology matters of course, but so does workflow and your role in it. This workshop condenses the lifecycle of a typical analog-to-digital conversion project into one workshop day so that you can get a feel for the workflows involved, ask technology questions along the way, and consider a migration project plan that will work for you and your stakeholders.

July 29-30, A Race Against Time: Preserving Our Audiovisual Media – Denver Public Library, Denver, Colorado

Attend this two-day program presented by the Conservation Center for Art and Historic Artifacts ( to learn how to maximize the life of all types of audiovisual materials, from wax cylinders and magnetic audiotapes, to LPs, audiocassettes and videocassettes. The program is funded by the Institute of Museums and Library Services (IMLS) and the Andrew W. Mello Foundation, in partnership PALINET and co-sponsored by the Denver Public Library and BCR. Event registration and program details can be found at


May 19-20, Introduction to Digital Audio Projects (2 pm-4 pm MT)

This two-day online workshop will give museum, library and archive staff increased insight into all aspects of planning for a digital audio project. Participants will receive a strategy to help libraries and cultural heritage practitioners know what to expect when converting audio materials from analog to digital as well as how to create and serve born digital audio material.

July 7-9, Introduction to Dublin Core Metadata (10 am-12 noon MT)

This online workshop will concentrate on the creation of both simple and qualified Dublin Core metadata for digital objects. We will also explore the concept of devising best practices for cataloging, using the Collaborative Digitization Program’s Dublin Core Metadata Best Practices as a guide. Participants will have opportunities to practice with hands-on exercises.

July 14-16, Cataloging Sound and Moving Image: Introduction to Public Broadcasting Metadata Dictionary (PBCore) (10 am-12 noon MT)

This online workshop will explore the Public Broadcasting Metadata Dictionary (PBCore), a metadata schema that is based on Dublin Core. This schema is ideal for describing sound and moving image resources for rich discovery, retrieval, and archiving purposes. Participants will have opportunities to practice with hands-on exercises.

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