Thursday, April 02, 2009

CIL2009: Bringing the Back Channel The Front (T is for Training podcast)

Maurice Coleman, host of the podcast T is for Training, was able to arrange for a show taping at Computers in Libraries. Ten of us gathered (list) in a room with a microphone and PC to talk about the conference. Our conversation quickly went from Paul Holdengraber (Tuesday's keynote) to many other topics including broadband access, staff technology training, library science programs being web 2.0 enabled, library staff stratification and more. Normally this podcast is done with all of us on telephones calling into the program (and using a chat back channel), so it was wonderful to be together and key off of visual clues.

You can use the play button below to listen to the podcast (58 minutes). If you are interested in knowing more about T is for Training or even participating in the podcast, you can find more information here. Truly anyone who is interested in training in regards to libraries is welcome to attend. (BTW we don't always talk about training.)

Note: Since we only used one microphone, some people will sound a little soft, but you'll hear most of the participants very clearly.

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