Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Memory of the World Programme - Awareness Survey 2009

Whether you know about Memory of the World or not, I would encourage you to take this quick survey (link below) and the spend a few minutes on the Memory of the World web site.

Memory of the World Programme - Awareness Survey 2009

This survey is intended for library, archives and museum specialists, as well as anyone interested in preserving documentary heritage.

Through its Memory of the World programme, UNESCO aims to promote preservation of, and disseminate information regarding, documentary heritage found in archival holdings and library and museum collections worldwide. The Programme includes national / regional committees, which help to initiate and support nominations within their respective regions.

The Memory of the World Registers list documentary heritage of recognized world significance assessed on the basis of specific criteria outlined in the UNESCO Memory of the World General guidelines to safeguard documentary heritage.

The purpose of this survey is to increase and assess awareness of the Programme and to encourage nominations to the Memory of the World Registers. UNESCO hopes to use feedback from this survey to further develop the Memory of the World Programme.

The deadline for the survey is 30 April 2009.

Fill in the form online: http://www.interpares.org/unesco/awareness_survey.cfm

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dolmetscher said...

These items are the first inscriptions to the UNESCO UK Memory of the World Register, an online catalogue created to help promote the documentary heritage the word. The register is part of of the uno Scientific,cultural and educational Organization (UNESCO) programme to support for archives.
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