Monday, February 23, 2009

Digitization projects funded by JISC

Other bloggers will recognize this problem. You start a blog post, save it, and then forget about it. Below is information that came to my attention last June and which became "buried" (partial completed and never published).

On the JISC web site are a list of digitization projects that they are currently funding (see -- you may have to scroll down a bit to see the list). Each project that is currently in Phrase 2 " links to its own page with information about the project and the project plan" (quoting the person who emailed me last June). If you are more visual person, you can look at the posters for many of the projects and see images from the projects along with explanatory text (marketing material).

It looks like the current project work/funding ends in March 2009. I hope that all of the projects has acquired funding to ensure their sustainability.

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Alastair Dunning said...

JISC is also developing some videos for dissemination on YouTube with information on the digitisation projects it funds.

As for sustainibility, each of the projects has sustainibility plans built in, and a variety of commercial and institutional models will be supporting these projects once the initial funding has ended.

JISC has already been working with Ithaka to develop case studies and best practice for digital sustainibility.