Thursday, October 09, 2008

Blog: Thoughts on digitization (Tankar kring digitalisering)

Earlier this year, David Hansson and Gunilla Wiberg of Sweden started a blog on digitization. The About section says (translated into English by Google):
We are interested in publishing similar material on the Web through digitization (image capture, optical character recognition, textuppmärkning, work with metadata, archiving files, etc.). Here we collect links and other information we find to be of interest.
The blog is written in Swedish, with a button that allows you to receive an automatic machine translation into English. With so few blogs that are specifically about digitization, I hope that David and Gunilla continue to write and share their thoughts. The more information we can get "out there" for others to consider, the better.

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David Hansson said...

Thank you very much for linking to us. I hope the rough English translation is decent enough to get an overview of the content. If there is a demand for it, we could switch to English as the language of our blog.