Friday, August 15, 2008

Hanging out with photographers

Photo by Kelvin RingoldYears ago, I used to hang out with musicians. Musicians are a very different group of people. They really do walk to the beat of a different drummer. From them, I learned to hear more subtleties in music. My "ear" became better.

Now I have several friends who are into photography, and I mean real photographers who are paid for their work. One is also a journalist. From them, I am becoming more aware -- on a day-to-day basis -- of licensing issues as well as working with someone whose idea of visually perfect is different sometimes than mine.

Some digitization programs hire photographers to work with them on photographing objects that cannot be digitized directly or to operate specific pieces of equipment (e.g., some large format equipment). If you are working with a photographer -- and especially someone who has trained to be a professional photographer -- be sure to get ideas about quality levels out in the open. Knowing my photographer friends, they are much more picky about things. Being the ultimate perfectionist can be a good quality, if it is needed.

You photographer may have great questions to ask (as well as information to give) about copyright and licensing. Listen to this person's perspective. Yes, he is coming from a different point of view and we know that different points of view can be very useful!

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