Thursday, June 12, 2008

AIDA: call for volunteers

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How safe are your digital assets? Do you think you know all about your digital assets? Would you like to understand more about how to improve digital asset management in your organisation?

ULCC are currently leading a project (sponsored by JISC) called Assessing Institutional Digital Assets, or AIDA. We’re looking for institutions in the HFE sector in the United Kingdom who would like to help us, by participating as a case study for this project.

The idea is that you would complete a guided self-assessment task which we hope will make things clearer in relation to you and your digital assets. We plan to do this around June-July 2008.

For this, we have drafted a self-assessment toolkit which would help determine your institution’s current capacity for digital asset management. It will help you assess your institution’s ability / readiness for digital asset management. Based on that assessment of readiness and maturity, later project outputs will provide recommendations on appropriate steps to take to improve digital asset management for you. (We’re approaching different institutions who are likely to be at different stages of maturity). The toolkit can be found at

The process and the outputs of this project may be of some benefit to you. We think that the tools, guidance and case studies will help institutions understand how to take small steps forward to improve institutional maturity in regard to digital asset management and preservation concerns.

We’re looking to work with the following information experts: records managers, librarians, digital librarians, data curators, repository managers, information managers, digital asset managers, web masters, archivists, and others. Our guess is that there is no single person in the institution who can do the entire self-assessment, so it may turn into a team effort. There is also the possibility of on-site support or remote support from ULCC. We’re able to provide some financial support, via our JISC funding, to a small number of case-study sites.

If you’re interested in participating, we are looking at starting around June or July 2008, depending on availability of yourself and your staff. We expect the work to take an absolute maximum of eight days, but our hope and expectation is that it will be less for many institutions. At this stage, we are looking for participation from UK Higher Education institutions only, although comments from others are welcome.

Further information is available at our project website.

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