Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My other blog: eNetworking 101

enetworking101I was talking to someone at a barbecue over the weekend who is a friend and who follows this blog. However, he said that he didn't need to know a lot about digitization for his work, so I said "you need to read my other blog!"

In 2007, I found myself writing about social networking tools more frequently and so I started a separate blog on the topic in October. eNetworking 101: The Blog is focused on a broad range of social networking tools / social media / online social networks.

The online social networks have become important to be as a user, speaker, marketer, and librarian. They are how I stay connected to many of my colleagues. They have brought information on potential projects my way, news of digitization efforts underway, tidbits on upcoming events, and time with my colleagues at the virtual coffee pot.

If you are interested in social networking (or just curious about what else I do), add eNetworking 101: The Blog to your RSS reader.

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