Friday, May 09, 2008

Book: Metadata for Digital Resources: Implementation, Systems Design, and Interoperability

I'm catching up on my surfing and found this book mentioned by Available Online. Summary:
This book is intended to assist information professionals in improving the usability of digital objects by adequately documenting them and using tools for metadata management. It provides practical advice for libraries, archives, and museums dealing with digital collections in a wide variety of formats and from a wider variety of sources. This book is forward-thinking in its approach to using metadata to drive digital library systems, and will be a valuable resource for those creating and managing digital resources as technologies for using those resources grow and change.

Key Features
  • Provides practical guidance on the key choices that information professionals in libraries, archives, and museums must make when defining and implementing a metadata strategy
  • Provides insight on the new area of 'metadata librarianship' while positions are opening in many organizations and many professionals worldwide are charged with managing and sharing metadata
  • Focuses on metadata usability and the careful definition of what a digital library system must do in order to define a metadata strategy
  • Explains key concepts of interoperability of digital library systems to information professionals
This was a cross-Atlantic effort written by Muriel Foulonneau (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, France) and Jenn Riley (Indiana University).

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