Monday, March 17, 2008

SlideShare presentations on digitization

I mentioned SlideShare to my students today and thought that I should mention it here. SlideShare is a place where people and organizations post their presentations so they can be viewed by other people. It is amazing to be the breadth of presentations in SlideShare and the quality of those presentation. And yes, there are presentations there on digitization. At this moment, there are 13 presentations that are tagged with the word "digitization." There are more than 600 presentations that contain the word "digitization" in their descriptions (and which may or may not be relevant to us).

If you have not looked at SlideShare, take a peek. You may be impressed and amazed at what you can find, including these presentation:

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Alastair Dunning said...

There are also another 72 presentations tagged with the word 'digitisation'

Alastair :-)