Wednesday, March 26, 2008

RLG Webinar: Out of the Stacks and onto the Desktop: Rethinking Assumptions about Access and Digitization

DigitalKoans mentioned this webinar. Use the URL to access the recorded webinar. How to get to it from the OCLC web site is not obvious. The webinar is 54 minutes in length with both audio and slides (the presentation itself is about 20 minutes, then Q&A). The presenters are Ricky Erway and Jennifer Schaffner, both RLG Program Officers.

Ricky and Jennifer discuss the RLG program called "Harmonizing Digitization Program", which includes:
  • Study of public/private mass digitization partnership agreements
  • Project to identify efforts to increase the scale of mass digitization in special collections
Addendum [3/28/2008]: Thanks to Roy Tennant for helping me realize that the webinar is a PARcast under RLG Programs on the OCLC web site.

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