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MCN 2008: Call for Proposals

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Because we are ready to hear from you, MCN is planning something special for this year's conference in Washington D.C. We've already lined up a few special sessions that might be of interest:

--Leveraging our Washington, DC location, MCN 2008 will feature special technology sessions. One of these will focus on key aspects of collections imaging; organized by Alan Newman, Chief of Digital Imaging and Visual Services at the National Gallery of Art, it will consist of two parts: an expert panel at the conference venue and an on-site visit to the National Gallery of Art's imaging facilities.

--Diane M. Zorich, Museum Information Management Consultant, will be leading a panel looking at the national issues that impact our day-to-day business. What are some of the big topics that you need to get up to speed on? We'll take advantage of being in the nation's capital to rev up your engines. Diane and her panelists will have some answers, if you have the questions. In fact, maybe you'll have some answers as well.

--Joyce Ray, Associate Director of Library Services for the IMLS, will be leading a panel composed of top-level officials from funding organizations to give conference attendees a view from 30,000 feet. What are funders looking for in projects? What technology trajectories are they seeing now and what seems to be looming on the horizon for future funding.

--Richard Cherry, Directory of Operations, Skirball Cultural Center, is putting together a series of "how to" workshops for the opening day of the conference high-lighting some of the technology tools that are powering the museum industry and the museum partners who use them. You'll have the opportunity to get in and get your hands dirty as well as asking the hard questions.

AND NOW...we need to hear from you.

Washington D.C. November 12-15, 2008
Call for Proposals and submissions form are now online; please see:

The MCN 2008 program committee wants YOU to submit your ideas for papers, panels, case studies, workshops, roundtables, and poster sessions for this year's annual conference. Join us in the nation's capital for four days of targeted programming emphasizing the how-tos of Information Technology as well as the "why-tos." Prospective presenters are invited to submit proposals in any of the following areas, as well as on other topics:
  • Social Networking, Web 2.0 & Web 3.0
  • Superior Content, Superior Delivery
  • Digital Readiness
  • Museum Information Standards
  • Issues of National Concern for Museums
  • Opportunities for Emerging Professionals Leadership, Sustainability, Accountability

If you've got an idea for a great panel or a workshop use the online form: to speed it our way.

Not quite sure if it's right for a panel or workshop? There are other opportunities for presentation. If your museum or company is working on a project that you would like to share with all the delegates, opt for our new Case-Study showcase format or if there is a topic you feel might be of national or international concern to delegates at the conference submit that idea for one of our round-table discussions. If you aren't quite sure whether your idea is ready for a full paper or case study, you might like to introduce it at one of the poster sessions held during a coffee break. Any and all ideas welcome.

Online proposals will be accepted from March 3 to March 21, 2008.

If you have questions or need more information please contact:
Holly Witchey, MCN Program Chair 2008

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