Monday, October 22, 2007

Thank goodness for Google's cache

I wanted to point someone to the 1999 article that Steve Puglia wrote for RLG DigiNews, but the URL no longer works and the article doesn't seem to be on the OCLC web site (remember OCLC and RLG have combined). However, I was able to pull up a cached version of the article in Google. We can argue that the cache version should not exist because it violates copyright...but at the moment, I'm just glad it exists because it provided access to something that I needed.

The lesson -- we can't avoid Google.

Addendum (1:45 p.m.): An anonymous reader pointed me to this RLG DigiNews archive on the OCLC web site and the Puglia article is here. Unfortunately, the old URL doesn't point to the new URL, or even to the archive in general. As a point of trivia...While the old URL rank #1 in Google, the new URL (or pointers to it) rank below #60.

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waltc said...

Hi Jill,

When I search Live Search for RLG DigiNews, this is the first result.

I'm no longer affiliated in any way, shape or form with RLG or OCLC--but it appears that my guess (that they moved the publication's archives wholesale to is correct.

Anonymous said...

You can access RLG publications at this page