Thursday, October 11, 2007

Press release: School at Syracuse researchers improving access to digital resources

Interesting news was released yesterday from Syracuse University's School of Information Studies (the iSchool). The Institute of Library and Museum Services Building Digital Collections program is providing $191,000 to the iSchool's Center for Natural Language Processing (CNLP) and a team from Digital Learning Sciences (DLS) at the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, CO to:
integrate three digital library tools and services to create a new hybrid, computer-assisted cataloging system, the Metadata Assignment and Search Tool (MAST). MAST will enable libraries and museums to describe and disseminate their digital materials -- whether they are photos, drawings, historical records or school lesson plans -- efficiently.

Another part of this project will link these newly catalogued materials to state-level educational standards, which in turn will increase access to these digital resources for teachers and their students.
You can read the complete press release for more details.

Anything that can help metadata creation to be done more quickly will be greatly appreciated. Metadata creation can be time-consuming and expensive, if one is creating metadata from scratch. Having a computer analyze the materials and assign the metadata not only would speed up the process, but could ensure better consistency. The system will allow for human review, which will help many people to feel comfortable with the process as well as catch errors.

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