Saturday, October 27, 2007

IL2007: Saturday morning

For the next several days, I'll be attending Internet Librarian 2007 (IL2007) in Monterey, CA, and I'll be blogging the conference. Yesterday was a travel day (three flights). This morning, I've walked around Monterey and tried to get my bearings. I found the public library, a cute little state park, and gone to Fisherman's Wharf.

Internet Librarian is a sister conference to Computers in Libraries (CIL), which is held in the spring "in" Washington, D.C. I've not been to Internet Librarian before, but I suspect that it will be similar to once person said...aren't the Internet and computers synonymous these days?

For anyone who is reading this and who is attending IL2007, here are a few pieces of info that you'll want to know:
  • Plumes Coffee Shop (near Subway and Jamba Juice) has free wifi. There are other places that have free wifi, but this one is really close to the Marriott. (Marriott charges $9.95/day or $2.95/15 min. in one of its restaurants.)
  • The Monterey Public Library is a short walk from the Marriott on Pacific (Ave/St). It is open Saturday and Sunday afternoon, and has Internet access. There is a fun session there Sunday night for conference attendees.
  • As you walk from the Marriott to the Public Library on Pacific, there is tiny State Park (Larkin, I think) that is worth stopping to see.
  • Lots of interesting-looking places to eat on Fisherman's Wharf, including one place that looks like an outdoor clam bar.
  • And if you haven't found it, there is a wiki for the conference at with lots of good info.
Wait...anything digitization-related happening at the conference? Yes. I'll mention that stuff later (after I've poured through the conference program again). There are, for example, at least two sessions on federated search, which some programs are installing.

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