Wednesday, October 31, 2007


We are social people and what is so cool about coming to any conference is the people. Connecting with old friends (way too many to name), making new friends (Sandra, Joe...hopefully more), and finally meeting face-to-face those that I know from one of the social networking tools (JJ, Michael, Casey, John, Joshua, Sarah, Kitty, Barbara, Amanda, and Karen). Amazingly no one looked quite like their photos or my imagination.

What is important about all these people is their knowledge. No one can know everything. We each need the knowledge of the others around us. And the knowledge of this group is truly amazing! The conversations have been about technology, libraries, what we have in common, and much more. The informal learning opportunities have been as powerful as the formal ones.

To everyone here...I look forward to keeping in touch with you, learning from you, and seeing you in the future.

BTW One more day to go! Will it be as amazing as the others?

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