Wednesday, October 31, 2007

IL2007: Gaming

Jenny Levine did a thought-provoking session this morning on gaming. Her presentation will be available at

Here are some quick notes -- things that stood out to me:
  • Gamers are both men and women of all ages.
  • 77 million boomers are gamers
  • 90 million up to age 35
  • People of different ages, etc., can "come together" around gaming
  • Gaming allows people to do with video / online games things that they can't do in real life
  • Games allow people to learn by doing
  • People who play games are used to multiple ways of getting things done (no right answer)
  • In games, you can try various things/tactics until you succeed.
  • Book reading is generally solitary. Game playing is not. It is social.
  • There are "literacies" involved in gaming.
  • Some of the skills employers say they need their employees to have in the 21st century can be learned through gaming.

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