Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Event: PALINET Digitization Expo

I rarely post information on one-day events, because they are general meant for people in that region. This, however, is an event worth driving to because of the topics to be discussed and the opportunity to talk with hardware, software and service vendors. Note that this event is not free. Price ranges from $65 - $95, depending on when you register and if you are a PALINET member or not.

The PALINET Digitization Expo, October 31 at the Tremont Grand Conference Center in Baltimore, MD, is this year's premier digitization event in the Mid-Atlantic region. Experts in the areas of grant writing, digital asset management, and digital software and services will be on hand to share observations about digitization trends, showcase regional digitization initiatives, and inform attendees about the benefits of digitization.

Tom Clareson and Tom Ceresini, PALINET's digitization experts, will present tips and techniques for writing winning grants and managing digital assets. Representatives from key statewide digitization initiatives in the region, including the Pennsylvania Advisory Committee on Collaborative Digitization and the Maryland Digital Cultural Heritage program, will present their views on the current status of statewide collaborative digitization efforts.

Attendees will be able to meet with representatives from the leading providers of digitization hardware, software, and services and see product demonstrations.

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity. This event follows the PALINET 07 Conference + Vendor Fair on October 29 & 30. Stay for all three days at a discounted rate.

Register today at Additional details are also on that site (including cost).

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