Friday, August 03, 2007

Write down your assumptions and decisions

Do your project -- and your future project staff members -- a favor. Write down the decisions you have made as well as the assumptions that your digitization project is using. Why?
  • If you document your decisions, then you won't have to make the same decisions again.
  • When people ask what you decided about "X", you will know AND be able to point to the documentation.
  • Having it in writing generally means you've come to an agreement on whatever it is.
  • Not everyone operates with the same assumptions, so documenting them allows everyone to see, understand and operate under the same assumptions.
  • New people will be able to come up to speed more quickly.
  • You'll be more efficient and effective.
Don't have time to write this stuff down? Just do a little bit each day...or as decisions are made...or as you find yourself explaining it one more time to someone...or...

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