Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Indus and Image Access, part 2

Monday's post (Indus and Image Access) led to me receiving more information on Indus, which I want to pass along.
  • The Bookeye scanners are manufactured by Image Access GmbH and marketed by ImageWare GmbH. Both companies are located in Germany.
  • Image Access, Inc. (the U.S. company) markets the Bookeye scanner with its own software called B-SCAN.
  • Indus markets the Bookeye scanner with the software developed by ImageWare called BCS-2. According to the president of Indus International, Ameen Ayoob, "its various modules...have integration for document delivery systems such as Ariel, Illiad and others."
  • Indus has placed its machines in many institutions, including several major universities in the U.S.
Ayoob agreed that anyone interested in the Bookeye should do a side-by-side comparison, if possible, in order to determine which setup is best for you.

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