Friday, July 27, 2007

Changes / updates to Digitization 101

This morning I finally updated the template for Digitization 1o1 in order to take advantage of some "new" Blogger features.

In the left column, you will now see a feature called "Labels." Labels allows you to quickly and easily see blog posts that have been given the same label like "copyright." Labels have been added to blog posts since January 2007, although a few older posts have labels.

The "Blog Archive" also displays differently now. You can more quickly view and select post titles from the Archive.

Otherwise, I think the left-hand column looks a little cleaner.

I don't think my tweaking is done yet, but the more dramatic changes have been made.

If the blog does not view correctly (or seemingly correctly for you), please drop me a message at hurst {at} hurstassociates {dot} com Thanks!

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