Monday, July 09, 2007

Blind decisions

I was speaking to a software company last week and we talked about how organizations decide what to purchase. Unfortunately, many organizations do not have the time (and maybe money) to do product trials. Therefore, organizations base their decisions on what a company tells them, rumors/information from other sources, product reviews (if there are any), and price. However, no matter how much you read and talk, it does not take the place of a product trial. Testing one product -- or two or more -- with your own computers, data, employees, etc., will give you the information you need to be a better purchasing decision. Instead of making a blind decision, your eyes will be wide open. You will have seen and experienced those things that will really make a difference -- how the product works for you and your co-workers.

It does sometime seem that the more expensive a product, the less likely an organization is to trial it. Perhaps that is because there may be a cost to the trial. But wouldn't you rather do a trial than purchase something that you are going to regret?

And wouldn't you be able to justify the purchase more effectively if you have tried it?

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