Friday, April 06, 2007

Event: Cataloging & Metadata for Moving Images

The Association of Moving Image Archivists presents:

Cataloging & Metadata for Moving Images

Regional Workshop
May 18-19, 2007
New York, NY

Libraries, archives, and museums take in a wide variety of moving images (film, video, digital files). What are the challenges to organizing and providing access to these resources? Learn what traditional and emerging standards have developed in both the bibliographic and archival domains and how they can be applied to moving images. Gain a basic understanding of the types of metadata necessary to a well-maintained collection.

This 2-day workshop is unique in its mindful synthesis of metadata and cataloging concepts to provide a greater understanding of the foundations of metadata practice and the application of cataloging principles to all types of moving image resources amidst rapidly changing production environments and evolving technologies.

Topics include:
  • the librarian in digital asset management
  • comparison of cataloging and metadata
  • introductory principles
  • the value of standards
  • management of resources through their life cycles
  • descriptive, administrative/preservation, and rights management metadata
  • data models
  • content standards
  • vocabularies and classification
  • local and international standard identifiers, including ISAN
  • collection-level description
  • setting cataloging priorities
  • resource management and cataloging workflow
  • choosing a system

This workshop is designed for people working in libraries, museums, archives, studios or anyone else who want to develop better skills in organizing and providing access to moving image materials. All participants are asked to review the Moving Image Collections (MIC) Cataloging and Metadata Portal prior to arrival:

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