Thursday, March 01, 2007

My March schedule

Just a quick note to point out the calendar on the left side of Digitization 101 that shows the conferences and other events that I will be attending or speaking at in 2007. This month, I'll be speaking at the New York State Educational Media/Technology Association on "Second Life as New Media (and Its Impact on You)." Abstract:
Second Life is a three-dimensional, online digital world being created by its residents. Currently it is inhabited by more than 4 million people, with more joining each day. Also involved in Second Life is a growing list of academic institutions, libraries, not-for-profit organizations and businesses. This presentation will focus on the work being done by these groups in Second Life, why they find it an important place to be, and why you should be paying attention to their efforts.
By the way, you may wonder why you should be interested in Second Life (SL), since it has nothing to do with digitization. First, networking. You'd be amazed who you will talk to in Second Life. The networking is wonderful. Second, there are tools being built and experimented with in SL that may impact how digitized materials are displayed elsewhere on the Internet. Third, its fun (and we all need a little fun in our lives).

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