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Survey on long-term preservation (Major Correction)

Jan Hutar, manager at the National Library of the Czech Republic, has given me permission to post this notice to a wider audience. They are interested primarily in responses from Europe, but believe that feedback from U.S. institutions -- as well as those in other regions of the world -- would be helpful.

PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS SURVEY IS NOT AVAILABLE ONLINE. (Sorry, I thought it was, but Jan corrected me. Thank you!)

National Library of the Czech Republic, on behalf of DPE project team, would like to ask you for cooperation to complete the "Survey on long-term preservation" questionnaire. Similar survey has been done for national libraries, now we are looking for university libraries and other research institutions to complete it.

National Library of the Czech Republic is one of the partners of the European Digital Preservation Europe project. DigitalPreservationEurope (DPE) fosters collaboration and synergies between many existing national initiatives across the European Research Area. DPE addresses the need to improve coordination, cooperation and consistency in current activities to secure effective preservation of digital materials.

You will find more information at the website of the project:

The DPE Dissemination Model identifies different target groups and dissemination outputs focused on their special needs.

We would like to disseminate results that will be really useful for all the target groups. This is impossible without having feedback from them. Please, be so kind and fill in the survey by no later than the end of February 2007.

Please return your completed survey to Jan at or in hardcopy to:

Mgr. Jan Hutar
National Library of the Czech Republic
Klementinum 190
110 00 Prague 1
Czech Republic

Survey on long-term preservation issues in European institutions

1. Is digital long-term preservation (including migration, emulation, preservation metadata and planning etc.) one of key strategic priorities of your institution?
  • 1 a) Yes
  • 1 b) No
  • 1 c) Not yet (please, specify when it will be)
2. Do you (or will you) have the trusted digital repository (according to criteria listed in An Audit Checklist for the Certification of Trusted Digital Repositories)?
  • 2 a) Yes
  • 2 b) No
  • 2 c) Not yet (please, specify when you plan to have it)
3. Digital preservation is too big an issue for individual institutions to address independently. Your institution will cooperate in this area with
  • 3 a) Memory institutions (libraries, museums, archives etc.)
  • 3 b) Research institutions (schools, universities etc.)
  • 3 c) Digital documents producers (publishers, broadcasting etc.)
  • 3 d) SW developers and vendors, IT, computer science
  • 3 e) Others (please, specify)
4. Building and operation of a trusted digital repository is a big and expensive business. You will create and operate the repository
  • 4 a) Only for your institution
  • 4 b) Share it with other institutions (please, specify)
5. The system used for your digital repository is (will be)
  • 5 a) Developed in your institution
  • 5 b) Open source based
  • 5 c) Commercial
  • 5 d) Combination of 5a),b),c) (please, specify)
  • 5 e) Another solution (please, specify)
6. Which of the outputs listed in the model of DPE dissemination do you consider to be the most relevant for your institution?
  • 6 a) Website
  • 6 b) Press releases
  • 6 c) Associate partnership
  • 6 d) Recommendations
  • 5 e) Tutorials
  • 6 f) Guidelines
  • 6 g) Newsletters
  • 6 h) Conferences, seminars, workshops
  • 5 i) Training
  • 6 j) On-site visits and hands-on practice
  • 6 k) Evaluations
  • 6 l) Awards and prizes
  • 6 m) Others – not listed here but desired (please, specify)
7. In the vision of FP7 national competence centres are seen as an integral way of ensure effective development of expertise and services. Which institutions in your country do you consider to have the best background for becoming fully operational and trusted national competence centres?
  • 7 a) Memory institutions (libraries, museums, archives etc.)
  • 7 b) Research institutions (schools, universities etc.)
  • 7 c) Private companies and industry experienced in digital preservation
  • 7 d) Governmental institutions
  • 7 e) Others (please, specify)
Addendum (3/1/2007): The survey is now online at

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