Thursday, January 04, 2007

Viewing historical markers -- Ohio!

Angela O'Neal, Digital Projects Manager for the Ohio Historical Society, left a comment on yesterday's post:
Did you see our website of Ohio Historical Markers It is similar to Pennsylvania's site, but also allows user to submit photographs and GPS coordinates of historical markers.!
  • More information on each marker.
  • Link to MapQuest to show where the markers are located.
  • Information on how people can participate in collecting and submitting information on specific markers. And information can be submitted online!
  • Ability to "save" markers in your account for viewing later.
  • Nice print facility.
Now I'm wondering who else has put historical markers online. Any other U.S. states? If yes, what information are you capturing? And you getting your citizens involved? And is this just a U.S. phenomena?

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Y said...

Inspired by your posts, I searched on "North Carolina historic markers online."
Yep...delighted to find