Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The first step is to admit that you have a problem

As the year winds down, I have had to admit that some of the things on my to do list are not going to get done. More specifically, I have too many things I want to read! With new materials being published daily on digitization, digital preservation and other topics of interest to me, the pile of things I want to read is being crushed by its own weight! Over the last week, I've begun to implement my solution -- a cut-throat look at what I'm saving to read and then tossing those things that are no longer relevant, are outdated, or that I know I won't make time for. It is liberating!!! My PC desktop, which was littered with documents I wanted to read, is much cleaner. And now my Bloglines account is looking cleaner (although the progress is slow).

As you end the year, this may be a time to admit those things that are causing you problems, then vowing to do "whatever" different next year, so the problem doesn't occur again. Maybe it not the amount of material you have save to read, but whatever it is...take time to address it. 2007 will thank you for it!

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