Monday, August 07, 2006

Event: Taxonomy Boot Camp

During KM World & Intranets 2006, there will be a two-day Taxonomy Boot Camp on Nov. 2 - 3, 2006. The event is being held in San Jose, CA. This event seems more geared for the business community (rather than traditional libraries), yet this bootcamp looks widely applicable. As the web site says:
Built and implemented effectively, a taxonomy or categorization scheme is the secret to navigating Web sites and internal data collections, thereby ensuring that users find precise answers to their search queries.
Sessions include:
  • The Categorization Quandary
  • Defining Your Strategy
  • Automatic Metadata Generation
  • Testing Your Taxonomy
  • Social Tagging
  • Between Folksonomies & Taxonomies
I wonder if some of the attendees are working on business/corporate digitization projects? If yes, are they learning different things than what is discussed at library and museum conferences (for example)? Or are all the ideas the same, but the language (terminology) is different? (When I learn the answers, I'll post them as an addendum.)

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