Monday, August 21, 2006

Article: Companies take different approaches when going digital with home movies

This article is about everyday people having home movies converted to DVD. The costs really vary, as do the services. Three companies that provide nationwide service are: (quoting from the article)
  •, which started in 1999, can digitize a two-hour videotape for $5. Customers can then edit their footage on the company's Web site and order DVDs for less than $20.
  • Videos dropped off at these stores [Walgreens, Target and Ritz Camera] are sent to YesVideo to be converted into a DVD for about $25.
  • Pictureal, the relative newcomer of the three, is a Web service that offers automated editing. The firm claims its technology can sift through video footage, eliminate errors and scenes with little action, and provide a final product that looks good without hours of editing. Their higher prices -- $99 to convert three hours of video into one DVD -- reflect that service.
Although these are likely not services we'll use on our projects, they are important to know about for people in our community who are looking for ways to share old videos and film of family events in a cost-effective way.

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