Thursday, March 23, 2006

CIL2006: Planning for a Handheld Mobile Future

Megan Fox from Simmons College spoke about the tools (hardware and “software”) that are being deployed to keep people connected 24/7 and able to use services normally viewed on a PC.  She noted that worldwide there are more mobile subscribers than land line subscribers.  Worldwide there are 350 billion text messages per month.

Using mobile devices, people can receive information “at the point of need.”

One of the key things is having a mobile optimized web site.  This allows the sites to be viewed efficiently (and effectively) on a mobile phone.  From what she said, it doesn’t sound like it would be difficult for most sites to be mobile optimized.  She also mentioned some web site that will act as intermediaries and optimize content for delivery to a mobile device (sadly, I didn’t catch what those sites were).

Her slides were packed full of information.  Packed.  Better to look at her slides than my notes.  You can view her slides at  If there are not there now, they soon will be.

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