Friday, March 24, 2006

CIL2006: Life Online: The Internet enhancing work & play

Mr. Lee Rainie, from the Pew Internet & American Life, did this session and talk about about young Internet users. His discussed eight realities of the Millennials (but I only caught seven of them -- how did I miss one?):
  1. They are a distinct age cohort
  2. They are emersed in a world of media and gadgets. "If they can't be with the device they love, they love the device they are with."
  3. ???
  4. The Internet plays a special role in their world. It is where they show off their creativity.
  5. They are multitaskers. In their world, we might position librarians as "information support" to help them when it is needed.
  6. They are often unaware of or are indifferent to teh consiequences of their Internet use (e..g, copyright & privacy, disclosure)
  7. Their (our) technology world will change radically in the next decade. His discussion here included the Long Tail.
  8. The way they approach learning and research will be shaped by their new technology world. For example -- It will be more self-directed. They will rely on group knowledge.
These are my highlights...I'll be interested to read what others thought were the key points.

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