Wednesday, March 22, 2006

CIL2006: The company of strangers

One thing that is interesting about library-related conferences is how friendly people are. We find and connect with each other on airplanes, in lines, on the street and at the conference. Yesterday, I heard a woman on my flight to DC mention libraries, so I turned and asked if she was going to CIL. I had instantly made a friend and someone to travel the subways with. (I knew a bit better than she where we were going.)

More new friends surfaced in the lobby last night over drinks. Instant connections because we are librarians and at the conference. And we are always helpful.

BTW dinner last night was with Margie Hlava from Access Innovations. She is staying at the Cosmos Club, which used to be a men’s club. The club walls are filled with pictures of members who have won very prestigious awards (Nobel Laureates and such). Very exclusive. We were out of place sitting the bar. We did try to have dinner there, but could not get in to the dining room because I had on “tennis shoes!”

Oh....I should mention that Michael Bloomberg is at this conference. No, not the NYC mayor, but a librarian from Minnesota. a business card from Iris Jastram (Gould Library, Carleton College) and it is VERY is a librarian trading card -- two-sided.

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