Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Articles/Commentary: CommuniK.

Last fall, K. Matthew Dames began a periodic commentary under the title CommuniK.™ Dames has now made CommuniK.™ available in its own section on, so you can easily read through what he has written. Topics covered in CommuniK.‚™ include (most recent five titles):
  • Demystifying Fair Use
  • Editorial On Libraries & Google Book Search
  • Revisiting Section 108 & Corporate Libraries
  • The Context of Fair Use: Action or Apathy?
  • CopyCense's Sony-BMG DRM Bibliography (v. 1.1)
I'd encourage you to look at these article and check back periodically to see what else Dames has written. (Dames holds an MLS and JD, so he knows what he is talking about.)

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